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ends 31 Dec 2019, 11:59 PM
We are all adding new stories to our lives every single day.

It could be something significant, like starting a new job, getting married or going on a long-awaited holiday. But it could also be something innocuous too, like finally achieving that yoga pose you've been working towards, or winding down with friends at the end of a long week. We update these stories on our social media accounts, because these stories mean something to us, and they often represent joyous moments.

But for some of our social service users, their stories may not be filled with happy occasions. Regardless, they are determined to not let their circumstances define their futures.

In support of the Giving Week movement and the giving season, Community Chest hopes to inspire Singaporeans to help social service users Add A New Story to their lives and empower them to craft their own narrative, simply by giving the gift of your donation. 100% of all donations will go towards the 80 charities and 200 critical social services supported by Community Chest.

Together, let's build a #CityofGood, a Singapore that Cares.

About the Charity

Community Chest is the fund-raising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). With the aim to enable every individual to live with dignity within a caring and inclusive society, we support about 80 social service organisations to meet underserved, critical social needs. As our fundraising and operating costs are covered mainly by Tote Board Group, 100% of your contributions goes towards empowering the lives of those we serve.

Community Chest was established in 1983 with a simple yet vital mission - to raise funds for the many social service organisations of the nation. It is about raising funds from the community for the community in need.

Over the years, we have built an enduring trust and partnership with many organisations, foundations and individuals, enabling and empowering the social service users under our care to lead fulfilling lives.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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