CNY 2017 Fundraising For Patient Care Initiatives @ National Cancer Centre Singapore

by Community Cancer Fund


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Cancer affects 1 in 3 Singaporeans.

The Community Cancer Fund provides much needed funds to give financial assistance for our patients in need, alongside to providing funds for patient education and support programmes. It also ensures our patients, patients like Mr Goh Chang Teck, receive the best possible treatment and have the best possible outcomes.

In 2007, Chang Teck was diagnosed with skin cancer at the tender age of 13. It never occurred to Chang Teck or his family that cancer could strike at such a young age. In 2013, when he was about to enlist in the army, his cancer returned. He was unable to pursue his dream of joining the army and serving his country like all his friends could. He felt lost, guilty and a sense of burden to his family.

Thanks to NCCS and the support of his family, Chang Teck has now recovered and finds strength and hope in running, clocking about 15km each time. He is determined to beat cancer and inspire others not to give up in the face of adversity. Chang Tek hopes to raise awareness for cancer and share his story in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

This Lunar New Year, join Chang Teck in his quest to fight cancer by making a gift today. Your generosity will enable the Community Cancer Fund to help NCCS deliver cancer awareness education to the community, provide welfare support to needy patients and develop cancer care initiatives to benefit those affected by the illness.

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About NPO

As the cancer centre for the community, the NCCS provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary and holistic cancer care, and sees close to 130,000 patient visits each year. We partner our patients in their cancer journey towards better and longer survival, instil hope of regaining good health, and pave the way for a cancer cure. Cancer is the number 1 killer in Singapore, accounting for more than 1 in 4 deaths. You can do your bit for the community by joining us in the fight against cancer - giving cancer patients a chance to higher quality of treatment and care. Please note that in the event that the donations made for a specific purpose has no new applicable project to support after a 2-years waiting period, the Community Cancer Fund Board of Trustees reserves the right to channel these donations to the Fund's general pool in support of its charitable objectives.

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