The City of Good Show

Saturday 9th May
8pm -9pm

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Join us for a Comedy event to raise funds for our charities.

One way to build our City of Good is through laughter, spreading good cheer and bringing joy to others!

In light of Covid-19, some of our charities have been facing a decline in donations. The City of Good Show brings together a group of kind-hearted comedians to fundraise and entertain you and your loved ones, in support of these charities:

To the comedians that have stepped forward, thank you for your contributions! We hope these efforts inspire more of us to be other-centred and help one another stay strong together.

An Assistant Lead Writer of SGAG and a former Mediacorp producer, comedian Siraj Aziz lives in Singapore and has to navigate life, the government and being newly married. He tells jokes and stories.

Pavan J Singh is an actor, director, writer and producer of theatre works based in Singapore. With over 18 years of experience, Pavan will come up with an exciting, interesting and fascinating story from thin air.

Veteran stand-up comedian Sam See delivers observations about life in Singapore, performing on stage abroad and surviving the Circuit Breaker by doing shows online.

Benny Davis is a comedian, musician, content creator and stay-at-home dad. A unique musical comedy act, he will perform three songs throughout the show.

Aside from being a storyteller, poet and comedian, Steph has had many jobs! She has worked at the zoo, at a tuition centre and experienced life as a graduate student. She will share musings about her life and people around her.

Aiman Azri is a comedian and storyteller from Malaysia. He will perform a mix of comedy and storytelling.

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