Oh Goodie, it’s CNY!

Bright and loud as it is, the festive celebration is a time for families to come together around the table overflowing with food. However, not everyone has family to celebrate with or abundance to put on the table. The number of seniors living alone is projected to rise to a whooping 83,000 by 2030* and many of these seniors might need a helping hand. Thinking of ‘huat’ you can do to make this season special for others in our community? Give our recipe a try! It’s sure to give you a taste of what a good New Year looks like. No festive ‘goodie’ is too small to give.

Spread the festive cheer and the value of giving today! 

Instead of the usual feasting and frolicking in festivities, why not try sharing your time or treasure with someone who needs it more? Simply click on any of these opportunities below to donate or volunteer.