For many of us, our families are our main source of love, happiness and financial support. Chinese New Year is all about spending time with our brood: noisy reunion dinners, avoiding awkward questions from your elders and gossiping with cousins. Houses around Singapore are filled with warmth and laughter.


But there are over 100,000 households in Singapore that struggle to meet their basic needs, and might not be enjoying pineapple tarts, steamboats and most importantly, time with each other. The adults may be working multiple jobs to make ends meet, leaving them little time to spend with family. Single-mother families and those with an incarcerated parent are particularly vulnerable.


So this Chinese New Year, give a thought to someone outside your brood. After you’ve counted your ang bao money, if you can, share one with someone who might need it more. Someone who might not be wearing new clothes, receiving any ang bao or having noisy family dinner. After all, no amount when given back is too small to bring you luck this year!


Time to shake ya tail feathers and get clucking!
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