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ends 31 Mar 2022, 11:59 PM
The illegal wildlife trade has many negative consequences for human well-being and biodiversity. As the 4th most lucrative unlawful trade worldwide after weapons, drugs, and human beings, it continues to drive biodiversity loss. Habitat destruction can make it more likely for animal viruses to come into contact with people.

Enforcement officers face an increasingly difficult challenge in effectively and swiftly detecting suspicious shipments while balancing the need for efficient customs processing. This project will raise funds to support Conservation International Singapore Conservation Trust's development and implementation of a cutting-edge technology solution to combat the illegal wildlife trade for stakeholders in Singapore.

The project aims to enhance regulation enforcement and mitigate current critical challenges by providing digital vision identification to detect illegal wildlife hidden within legal shipments.

Singapore needs to secure its borders against the illegal wildlife trade and help reduce the risk associated with the unlawful transport of endangered species. This project supports Singapore's goal of being a global hub in the sustainability ecosystem, ensuring a vibrant and liveable home for future generations.

About the Charity

PEOPLE NEED NATURE TO THRIVE - Conservation International Singapore Conservation Trust (CSCT) envisions a vibrant, resilient, and sustainable Singapore for generations to come and aims to empower the community to care for and value nature's benefit to people.

CSCT's work focuses on environmental education, university internships, conservation science, research, and climate finance. We partner with the private and civil sectors to encourage environmental responsibility and sustainability through innovative conservation solutions such as natural climate solutions.

Our Environmental Education Program takes the local to global approach, where youth learn about conservation science and sustainability in an urban environment while connecting with Singapore's natural heritage. The knowledge and skills imparted through school talks, outdoor education and mentorship programs, and fun virtual learning videos help shape behaviors and empower youths to consider their impact on the environment.

We work closely with local universities to provide undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to take up paid internships or carry out field research and conservation activities with Conservation International offices across the Asia-Pacific region.

Conservation International Singapore Conservation Trust is an organization approved by the Commissioner of Charities bearing the Institution of Public Character (IPC) status.


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