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ends 25 Dec 2018, 11:59 PM
Our project seeks to educate the caregivers of youths-at-risk on ways to meet the needs of their youths, how to manage their emotions, and how to improve the relationships with their youths to minimise the barriers between them. We understand how physically and mentally draining it is to deal with a child/youth who is out of control or withdrawn. So, we hope to provide such a platform to equip them with the necessary tools to cope with their challenges.

Circle of Friends will be conducting workshops for these caregivers where they will be taught by professional trainers. Through a series of modules, caregivers would learn about emotion management, effective communication skills, problem solving techniques, and how to be a strong support system to their youth-at-risk.

Under our new youth caregivers program, we would also like to provide emotional support for caregivers as we believe that this would help them to better cope with the situations they are facing. We would be conducting support group sessions for caregivers of youths-at-risk to share their experiences and advices. This would give them a platform to understand their situation better and it will serve as a source of comfort and support for the caregivers.

About the Charity

Circle of Friends Ltd is a registered Singapore-based charity founded in 2014. We serve our community by reaching out to youths and providing them with support and guidance through their adolescence.

We help children/youths who may come from dysfunctional families, have behavioural challenges, emotional problems or sociological issues. They may be at a greater disadvantage of succeeding in life, therefore it is our mission to nurture and guide them to their fullest potential.

We also reach out to the caregivers of these children/youths by giving them a platform for support and advice.


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