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About Us

Circle of Friends Ltd is a registered Singapore-based charity founded in 2014. We serve our community by reaching out to youths and providing them with support and guidance through their adolescence.

We help children/youths who may come from dysfunctional families, have behavioural challenges, emotional problems or sociological issues. They may be at a greater disadvantage of succeeding in life, therefore it is our mission to nurture and guide them to their fullest potential.

We also reach out to the caregivers of these children/youths by giving them a platform for support and advice.

Our Programmes

Some of our programmes include skill-based workshops like culinary, baking, horticulture, dance, and sports to help them become well-rounded individuals, and life skills workshops such as stress management and anger management courses that empower them to effectively manage stress, anger, and relationships with their family members, peers and teachers.

We also work with various Senior Activity Centres to serve the elderly in our community. Every month, we bring a group of children/youths to a culinary school to learn some basic culinary skills from professional chefs and get them to prepare delicious yet healthy meals for the elderly/needy in the community. We also bring the children/youths to the Senior Activity Centres to engage the elderly with some activities and games. This initiative is aimed to instil values of respect and care for the elderly amongst youths and make them feel included in the society. We want to encourage children and youths to give back to society through helping the vulnerable and needy.
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