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ends 31 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM
As we commemorate CAS' 120th anniversary, we invite you to come onboard to champion our cause and gift us a recurring donation (or any amount you're comfortable with) to help rebuild a home for vulnerable children and youth.

When completed, our tired and worn-down Melrose Home at Clementi Road will be transformed into Melrose Village, equipped to provide small group care, recreational and enrichment activities for the residents. The Village will also be equipped with counselling and specialised therapy rooms to provide trauma informed and trauma-focused counselling and therapy for children, youth, and their families.

By offering integrated therapeutic care and support services under one roof, Children's Aid Society aims to help the most vulnerable in the community to rise from life's adversities with hope, courage and dignity.

We believe every child deserves a fair, fighting chance at life. Journey with us today to empower our young persons and uncover their fullest potential! Make a donation.

About the Charity

Established in 1902, Children's Aid Society (CAS) is amongst Singapore's oldest, secular philanthropic organisations supporting vulnerable children, youth, and families.

CAS remains dedicated to nurturing successful lives, stable families and a strong community.

The Society aims to provide residential care, counselling and other specialised therapies to support the most vulnerable in our community. These experiences can include child abuse, neglect, family violence, bullying, divorce etc or other highly distressing events. Our services help children and their families overcome life challenges arising from traumatic experiences by reducing distress and improve social and emotional well-being.

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