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About Us

Established in 1902, CAS is amongst Singapore's oldest secular philanthropic organisations. Through our two services, Melrose Home and Melrose Care, we provide residential care and specialised therapies to support children and youths who have experienced adverse life circumstances such as abuse or neglect.

Our services seek to mitigate the impact of these circumstances so that the children and youths have better outcomes in terms of mental health, educational attainment and can engage in healthy relationships with peers.

Our Programmes

1. Melrose Home
Melrose Home forms part of Singapore's out-of-home care sector. It is a residential home for children and youths (6-21 years old) who are experiencing adverse family circumstances or child protection issues, such as physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse.

Out-of-home care is usually seen as a last-resort, temporary arrangement, until it is safe for the children and youths to return home to their families. As a result of the abuse they have experienced, residents struggle with trauma symptoms that have not been adequately addressed. We create a care environment that increases our residents' sense of safety, resilience and capacity to be empowered, independent and collaborative individuals.

2. Melrose Care
Melrose Care is a community-based agency offering subsidised counselling and specialised therapy such as art therapy, play therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy and more for children, youths and their families in the community.

Our Wish List


We have a monthly wishlist of food items such as frozen food, canned food, sauces, cooking oil and beverages. Head over to our website to download the full list:

We also welcome meal sponsorship for our residents at Melrose Home. Please contact us at 6970 0980 or [email protected] if you are interested in donations or meal sponsorships.

Kitchen & Appliances

We have a monthly wishlist of housekeeping items, toiletries and medical items. Head over to our website to download the full list:

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