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ends 31 Oct 2020, 11:59 PM
WhatsApp us at 6978 2728 if you are emotional affected. Hear4U has attended to over 1,500 persons in need since April.

We have been funding this ourselves and are trying to raise the funds for Hear4U helplines to continue beyond CB to help everyone.

15 May Dedicated lines in Tamil, Bengali, Chinese and English are available to migrant workers.

11 May: We shall continue to operate Hear4U during curcuitbreaker and expand it to help migrant workers in dorms and CIF from today.

We saw need and we ACTED.

CARE Singapore saw that Psychological First Aid (PFA) services was lacking in Singapore as we faced COVID-19 as a nation and decided to lead by example, launching the PRO-BONO Hear4U as our community response to the unfolding COVID-19 situation.

Our team of staff volunteers are working hard to deliver food to families who need daily food and so we leverage on WhatsApp and technology to allow them to deliver targeted and uninterrupted service through Hear4U and help fellow Singaporeans as teams rotate between the two forms of help.

Our intent is to help Singaporeans cope with negative feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and foster hope for everyone to soldier on as a nation, united in our love for each other.

We ask that you would now help us spread this love further and for longer.

Help us so that we can use your love for us to help many other needy Singaporeans..

About the Charity

Established in 1997, Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE Singapore) is a boutique charity that focuses on helping at-risk youths succeed in life. In 2010, NCSS recognized this and appointed CARE as a Centre of Specialisation for Youth Empowerment so that they can help raise service quality in the youth sector.

CARE's work is a social investment that has impacted well over 30,000 youths. Our greatest achievement is in changed lives; affirmed by positive feedback from parents, teachers and principals as well as the many success stories we hear of our youths years after they graduated from our programmes.

Your donation will help us continue to impact and change young lives for good!


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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