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About Us

Child At Street 11 is a charitable organisation that provides a high value early years education programme for children from under-resourced and diverse family backgrounds.

The Centre strives to launch children on a learning journey which will see them become independent learners who are positive, confident and secure.

Our Programmes

Families in need - Children from families with financial, marital, substance abuse problems and incarcerated parents. We aim to support family education as the centre believes that parents must be equipped with skills to better look after children, and build a supportive home environment. A child's meal, a roof over his or her head, water to shower and drink and pencils to write with, will be made possible with donated funds. We also enable parents to work while children are looked after by qualified and well-trained professionals in the centre. We also counsel parents and provide them with more effective ways of looking after their children.

Children with special needs and youths at risk - We support children with learning disabilities and behavioural problems by providing nutrition, education and loving care. With funds received, we can provide children with experiences beyond the classroom. Children get to visit different places to learn about the country, its people and its racial and religious make-up. These are powerful opportunities for children to learn and interact in real life settings.

Maintaining volunteer management - The funds will be used to strengthen the community involvement programmes throughout the year with students, teachers, principal, CEOs, corporations and well-wishers. This time spent with a child is a meaningful way of making a difference to a child's life.
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