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ends 30 Jun 2018, 11:59 PM
As part of our mission to encourage seniors to step out of their homes and lead a healthy and active lifestyle, we run a series of eldercare programmes that include outings, conduct engaging healthcare and educational talks and activities, and befriending activities for them. Any seniors above the age of 65 can sign up to be our Club 65 member and participate in our regular activities and classes.

The main group of beneficiaries that CHWSS serves are single seniors staying on their own, many of whom are without family and are of low income. We provide care and support for this group of needy individuals in several ways to empower them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle as well as to pass on with a peaceful mind.

About the Charity

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society (CHWSS) provides free TCM services to the public, and pro bono Afterlife Memorial Service to the needy elderly in our community. As we increase the number of beneficiaries over the years, the operations and support costs for these services have increase correspondingly. As CHWSS is not a government-funded organisation, we get our funding entirely through the general public and long-term supporters. Hence, the availability of public funding is key to financing our charitable causes, as we extend our services to more needy in our society.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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