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About Us

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society (CHWSS) provides free Traditional Chinese Medicine consultations and treatments to the public, as well as pro bono Afterlife Memorial Service to the needy elderly in our community - regardless of race or religion. As our number of beneficiaries increases over the years, the operations and support costs for these services have also increased correspondingly.

As CHWSS is not a government-funded organisation, we get our funding entirely through the general public and our long-term supporters. Hence, the availability of public funding is key to financing our charitable causes, as we extend our services to more needy in our society.

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Our Programmes

(1) Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) Services - CHWSS provides free TCM consultations, provision of medication, and acupuncture services to the public and needy elderly - regardless of race or religion.

(2) Afterlife Memorial Service - The service provides pro bono funeral services, befriending and related elderly services. The service is provided for needy and destitute elderly in our community.

(3) Medical Escort and Transport Service - This is a service for the elderly who have mobility difficulties and require escort service to their doctor's appointments. We partner with the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC) to offer this service to the elderly through referrals.

(4) Gym Tonic - With a well-equipped centre, we provide a safe environment for the elderly to participate in this specially designed training programme catered to help restore, maintain and improve their physical functions. This service is exclusively available at 933 Jurong West St 91.

(5) Bursary Awards - CHWSS provides bursary awards to students from needy families - regardless of race and religion - to finance their education costs.

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Our Wish List

Kitchen & Appliances

Small Fridges needed!

We need some small fridges for some of our needy elderly members.
Some of their fridges need replacement due to damage after long term use, hence are currently unable to store fresh foods in their homes.

Kitchen & Appliances

Small Washing Machines needed!

We need some small washing machines for some of our needy elderly members.
Their washing machines are either damaged after long term use, or already facing sporadic issues during operation.

Kitchen & Appliances

Water Heaters needed!

We need some water heaters for some of our needy elderly members.
Their water heaters are no longer working or working sporadically.

Home & Furniture

Single Bed Frames needed!

We need a single bed frame for some of our needy elderly members.
Previous bed frames had been disposed of due to wear and tear from long term use.

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Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society

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