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Changi Health Fund was set up on 18 November 2011 to fund programmes that improve the health of the community. This includes supporting philanthropic efforts, innovation in healthcare delivery, research and development, training and education, and new healthcare services.

VISION: Forging better health for our community
MISSION: Driving innovation in healthcare delivery, equipping professionals and supporting the community for better health

Our Programmes

For many bedridden or wheelchair-bound patients, leaving the hospital, though a happy event, can be the start of a difficult journey. It is not easy to achieve a good level of care at home. If their conditions require long-term care, it may often be fraught with difficulties ranging from caregiver stress to financial strain on the family.

The situation is even more challenging for low income families as the significant expenses of homecare for a bedridden or wheelchair bound patient could deplete any savings that they may have, leaving many families in dire straits.

Over the years, we have expanded our scope to interim dialysis for patients who are on the long waiting list to receive subsidised renal care as such treatment cannot be delayed.

On average, each patient supported by HomeCare needs $1,000 of assistance.
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Caroline Rajandran

Changi Health Fund Ltd - HomeCare Assist

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