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ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
As a board member of C42, I was asked if I could get my hands dirty in #smallwaysC42 to raise funds for its 2020 campaign. The team wouldn't settle for 'easy', so here's my Challenge to accomplish:

I will be sketching multiple versions of comic book and pop culture characters.

I will endeavour to complete 2-3 sketches every day, over 3 weeks. You can view each piece as they are done, on C42's IG stories (@centre42) and mine too @leslieleeatsandy)

These sketches are raw, gritty and totally random; but it will also be a lovely souvenir for you - each donor who makes a cash contribution will receive a sketch. Each piece is unique!

It is especially during these uncertain times that the arts need a lot more support, advocacy and financial help to tide through and regain stability. And to help arts organisations sustain themselves to be there for the independent, freelance arts-workers when theatres open again.

Donate now to support me in giving back to theatre through C42.

Leslie is an avid pop culture fan & comic book collector. And an equally ardent supporter of theatre. It was in theatre where he started his career. Although he no longer works in the industry full time, theatre is where he would always like to give back to.

About the Charity

Centre 42 is small - small team, small spaces, small works. From a small blue house on Waterloo Street, we have grown to be home to more than 170 artists and theatre collectives, supported the development of over 200 new theatrical projects, and brought theatre magic to more than 40,000 audiences.

In May 2020, we have had to vacate the premise of 42 Waterloo Street, our home since 2014, and find novel ways to continue our operations and lift the spirits of our artist and audience communities.


Every contribution enables us to continue developing Singapore's theatre ecosystem through our myriad of programmes and initiatives that supports independent artists and arts groups. As a direct grant recipient of the National Arts Council for FY2020-22, we are funded partially for our work. We still need to raise at least 45% of our annual operations costs in order to sustain year on year.

Centre 42 is a non-profit theatre development space committed to the creation, documentation and promotion of text-based works for the Singapore stage. Our mission is to:
- nurture talent and incubate content of text-based works for the stage;
- build public awareness and appreciation for Singapore theatre; and
- be a focal point for research, documentation and critical discourse on the development of Singapore theatre.

For more info, visit www.centre42.sg


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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