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Centre 42 is a theatre development space established in 2014. We are committed to the creation, documentation and promotion of text-based works for the Singapore stage.

Occupying a pre-war bungalow along Waterloo Street, we have made this blue house a home for independent artists and collectives; a safe space to trial and create new works; a repository of our local theatre history and resources.

The Centre's objectives are:
1.To nurture talent and incubate content, particularly in the area of text-based works and playwriting;
2.To build public awareness and appreciation for Singapore theatre; and
3.To be a focal point for research, documentation and critical discourse on the development of Singapore theatre.


Our programmes cater to content creators and audiences interested in new texts/creation processes. Most of our programmes are named after spaces in an environment:

The Vault and the Living Room are regular presentations open to the public to attend showings and participate in discussions. Admission to these events are free! (but please give what you can at the door)

Basement Workshop and Guest Room are residency programmes catered for artists creating new works.

Boiler Room and the Garage are discipline-specific training programmes for playwrights and dramaturgs.

Book Den and the Repository are resource centres for playscripts and theatre production ephemera.

Citizens' Reviews brings emerging critics together to hone their opinion-writing for theatre.

All the above programmes are FREE for participating artists and audiences. Because we believe in investing in the development of artists and their craft, and in providing access to audiences to understand the process of making work.

We really heavily on government funding (never enough), rental (barely covers utilities) and individual contributions (always much needed) to make these all happen! Help us advance the development of Singapore theatre-making.

Find out more about each of these programmes on our website www.centre42.sg!


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