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ends 28 Feb 2021, 11:59 PM
CRF is bringing back one of the most successful and impactful campaigns to Singapore: Veganuary! This time we are teaming up with Green Monday, however, we will still need your help to fund our efforts and make our events affordable.

What's Veganuary? It is the world's largest vegan movement, inspiring people to try vegan for one month. Every day they will get an email of free recipes, documentaries, tips, tricks and more to help them understand the environmental and health benefits of a vegan diet. Veganuary is loved by the participants, with over 98% saying they'd recommend others to try!

Of course, it makes a huge impact for the animals as well. In a lifetime, a Singaporean can easily eat more than 4,000 animals... So when we inspire people to stop eating them through Veganuary, a lot of lives are spared. For our first campaign in SG in 2018, it translated to preventing 89,000 animals from the cruelty of factory farming.

And a lot of people try it - in 2020 alone over 400,000 around the world tried it! As such, we want to scale it up in Singapore in 2021 and need are marketing budget to support it.

We have the following planned:
* Movie screening
* More plant-based offerings and special menus at restaurants & hawkers
* Cooking demonstrations
* Giveaways
* CRF Talks
* Events / Food Tours

Help us make Veganuary 2021 even bigger so we can save even more animals!

About the Charity

The Centre for a Responsible Future (CRF) is a registered non-profit and charity in Singapore. Our mission is to inspire and support people and organizations in Singapore to make more humane, healthy, and sustainable choices through advocacy, education, and engagement. We focus on advocating sustainable diets for your health, the environment and animal welfare through our dedicated programmes.

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