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ends 31 Jan 2020, 11:59 PM
Animal Allies (a CRF program) is bringing back one of the most successful and impactful campaigns to Singapore: Veganuary! And thanks to our charity's members, each dollar you donate in this campaign will be matched until our $3000 goal is reached. Your $50 becomes $100... $250 becomes $500!

What's Veganuary? A challenge for people to try vegan for one month. Every day they will get an email of free recipes, documentaries, tips, tricks and more to help them understand the environmental and health benefits of a vegan diet. Veganuary is loved by the participants, with over 98% saying they'd recommend others to try!

Of course, it makes a huge impact for the animals as well. In a lifetime, a Singaporean can easily eat more than 4,000 animals... So when we inspire people to stop eating them through Veganuary, a lot of lives are spared. For our first campaign in SG in 2019, it translated to preventing 89,000 animals from the cruelty of factory farming.

And a lot of people try it - in 2019 alone over 250,000 around the world tried it! As such, we want to scale it up in Singapore in 2020 and need are marketing budget to support it. We already are partnering with several restaurants in Singapore to offer new vegan dishes for January + with the app Abillionveg to bring exclusive deals for people trying the new food. We're also planning new events!

Please help us make Veganuary 2020 bigger so we can save even more animals - donations are matched, so your impact is huge!

About the Charity

Since 1999, we've been engaging people and organisations in Singapore to adopt more responsible practices for a better future. Our work focuses on encouraging sustainable, compassionate and healthier choices through plant-based diets. We do this through 5 programs:

Animal Allies - Animal Allies is a network of volunteers that does public outreach on the effects of meat consumption on the planet, our health and the animals. We've had thousands pledge to cut back on meat through our outreach and create resources to help people in Singapore adopt plant-based diets. We take a positive approach and focus on Effective Altruism principles to focus our efforts on projects that save the most animals. http://AnimalAllies.sg

EarthFest - Each year we hold a flagship sustainability event to help bring the environmental community together to work towards sustainable habits of living: Zero Waste, Minimalism, Plant-based, Carbon Positive, Biophilia and Advocacy. This program has incredible reach with thousands attending and we are now creating offshoot events like a Zero Waste Challenge and EarthExcursion. http://EarthFestSingapore.com

Vegetarian Society Singapore - This project focuses on increasing awareness of the benefits of plant-based diets and helps the vegetarian community in Singapore network together online and through events. We publish award-winning cookbooks. http://vegetarian-society.org

... and more on our full profile page.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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