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About Us

The Centre for a Responsible Future (CRF) is a registered non-profit and charity in Singapore. Our mission is to inspire and support people and organizations in Singapore to make more humane, healthy, and sustainable choices through advocacy, education, and engagement. We focus on advocating sustainable diets for your health, the environment and animal welfare through our dedicated programmes.

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Our Programmes

In addition to outreach, talks, education, and campaigns, we also have a plant-based business and member association that aims to increase consumer demand for plant-based products and support businesses. We host a flagship event called Disruption in Food and Sustainability Summit once a year which focuses on bringing together decision makers and innovators in the plant-based and clean meat spaces, in addition to other disruptive innovations. See more here:
  • Animal Welfare
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Health

Kimberly Huang

Centre for a Responsible Future

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