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ends 14 Nov 2021, 11:59 PM
CAS provides help & assistance to groups, individuals and organisations that need emergency and long term medical help for their animals.

Often the victims of hit and run accidents, fights or abuse - many of these street dogs and cat required life-saving, emergency treatment.

There also the dogs and cats that need long term help with problems such as kidney failure, heart conditions, cancer and much more. Many of these animals have had hard lives thought ill-treatment, malnutrition and have been abandoned - but they still have so much love to give.

We spend on average $9000 per month of CAS rescue cases, and another $9000 per month on long term medical needs.

Please help us help them.

About the Charity

Causes for Animals (Singapore) Limited (CAS) is an animal welfare charity set up and registered in 2013 to support the needs of local animal welfare in Singapore. CAS employs programmes and policies to promote best practice with involve ethical, sustainable and compassionate treatment of these animals.

Our current adoption centre houses up to 50 rescued dogs to be rehabilitated for rehoming. CAS has a no-kill policy of animals placed in our care. Animals are given optimal care and decisions on medical treatment rely upon vet advice. Medical assistance is also provided to injured dogs rescued by third parties. Shelter operational costs, veterinary services and medical supplies average $30,000 month.

CAS relies mainly on public donations for funding.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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