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ends 27 Feb 2021, 11:59 PM
This Chinese New Year, whilst enjoying feasts and reunions with family and friends, do help us help the less fortunate senior folks in homes, foreign workers and street/shelter animals in need. The Covid 19 pandemic has hit all of us hard including the animals we care for as well as the foreign workers and senior citizens who haven't always had the easiest of times.

Our street and shelter animals have no families or homes to call their own, so the very least we can do is to keep them safe, healthy and full. Here at CAS, we believe in reaching out to others in our community to make this world a better place for all!

Proceeds will be used to help fund the medical care of street/shelter animals, food donations of basic necessities (rice/canned food) will be made to animal-friendly foreign workers and to the Ju Eng Home For Senior Citizens (Jalan Kayu).

About the Charity

Causes for Animals (Singapore) Limited (CAS) is an animal welfare charity set up and registered in 2013 to support the needs of local animal welfare in Singapore. CAS employs programmes and policies to promote best practice with involve ethical, sustainable and compassionate treatment of these animals.Our current adoption centre houses up to 50 rescued dogs to be rehabilitated for rehoming. CAS has a no-kill policy of animals placed in our care. Animals are given optimal care and decisions on medical treatment rely upon vet advice. Medical assistance is also provided to injured dogs rescued by third parties. Shelter operational costs, veterinary services and medical supplies average $30,000 month.CAS relies mainly on public donations for funding.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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