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About Us

Causes for Animals (Singapore) Limited (CAS) is an animal welfare charity set up and registered in 2013 to support the needs of local animal welfare in Singapore. CAS employs programmes and policies to promote best practice with involve ethical, sustainable and compassionate treatment of these animals.

Our current adoption centre houses up to 50 rescued dogs to be rehabilitated for rehoming. CAS has a no-kill policy of animals placed in our care. Animals are given optimal care and decisions on medical treatment rely upon vet advice. Medical assistance is also provided to injured dogs rescued by third parties. Shelter operational costs, veterinary services and medical supplies average $25,000 month.

CAS relies on public donations for funding. CAS was recognised as an Institution of a Public Character by the government in 2016, enabling donors to qualify for tax-exemption on their donations.

Our Programmes

- Establishing repeatable and sustainable mode for rescuing stray animals.
- Rehabilitation of animals using programs, techniques, environments to help challenged, unwanted animals become adoptable.
- Building of fostering and volunteer network, a vital component of Animal Rescue
- An adoption centre to house rescued animals

- A major objective of CAS is to help make Singapore stray dog free. CAS runs an effective Stray Management Programme., addressing the root causes of stray dogs including a high turnover TNR (trap, neuter & release) program
- Working with Government organisations to promote more humane effective solutions for ethical management of Strays

CAS provides tailored education packages for Singapore school children to understand Animal Welfare issues and learn animals related skills

- Provide resources and assistance for Street Feeders, rescuers, groups and organisations
- Help with support programs for low income, disadvantaged and elderly animal lovers
- Reaching out to the needy in our society by working with various groups of society's disadvantaged including children with special needs and dementia patients.

- CAS runs an island wide annual vaccine drive , collaborating with other animal shelters, community feeders aimed to protect 1000 shelter and street animals
- Our food drives also benefit up to 1000 street and shelter animals.
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