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About Us

Singapore's third-oldest junior college, Catholic Junior College is a pre-university educational institution that develops students holistically. We are motivated by the broad Catholic principles of Truth and Love to create a values-centred environment that balances academic, character and spiritual development. Our promise is that every CJC student will become a thinker with a mission, leader with a heart - a key to success in a globalised, fast-changing world.

The CJCares fundraising project will support CJCians who require financial assistance during these challenging times. The money raised will go towards the CJC Needy Students Fund. CJCares will be launched on 5 August 2021 with the virtual 'CJ Celebrates' concert featuring our talented performing arts CCAs.

We look forward to your kind and generous support in Truth and Love. Veritate et Caritate. Thank you.

Our Programmes

An education at Catholic Junior College prepares you for a changing university landscape and a whole life beyond school. Over the course of two years, we bring together a rigorous academic programme and a robust character education programme.

Here at Catholic Junior College, curiosity, imagination and a love for learning mean a lot to us. How we teach and how you learn are just as important as what you learn. That is why our teachers are guided by these core principles:

- Higher-order thinking skills, such as evaluation and interpretation, in all subjects
- Collaborative learning that harnesses students' strengths and develops new skills
- Assessment that makes sense: assignments and tests reinforce learning

We see the importance of character and values in an interconnected, fast-changing world. We also want our students to apply and grow their talent in a real context.

- A character and citizenship programme based on service and self-development
- Leadership modules that build personal and social literacy skills
- Service learning and attachment opportunities that put your qualities to the test
- Career and higher education programmes that guide you towards your aspirations

The education of the whole person is our forte. In Veritate et Caritate.
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