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Casa Raudha aims to provide a temporary refuge for women and their children that have been the victims of injustice and domestic violence in Singapore regardless of their race or religion. We are the sounding board for these abused victims where often their cries are far from being heard. Casa Raudha is not just a shelter Home,we ensure that our residents are empowered to make positive changes in their lives through our workshops, life skills training and moral developments that could uplift their current state of living to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. While they remain our residents, we further ensure that their children's education are not disrupted and these children receive the same opportunity as others.

Our Programmes

Step Out & Step Up (SOSUP) is an empowerment programme for women that explores their self-worth and personal goals. Through a series of modules such as budgeting, self-reliance and parenting, SOSUP educates women to place importance on their personal growth. The women also embark on learning journeys aimed at integrating them back into the community's hub. The programme also provides sponsorship opportunities for skills enhancement that enable women to realize their true potential.

I AM S.M.A.R.T is a children's programme that teaches them to embrace their emotions positively. It also gives an opportunity for children to explore their inner selves. At the end of the programme, they are equipped with skills for the future such as self-care, goal setting and social resilience.
At Casa Raudha Women Home, there is great emphasis on education. As such, children are also supported with tuition. Tutors will assist students individually or in small groups to help them perform academically.
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