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About Us

CaringSG is a caregiver-led initiative for special needs caregivers and the community.

Donations will go towards funding our Project 3i programmes (CAREconnect, CAREbuddy and CAREwell) to help special needs caregivers.

1. CAREconnect: We help caregivers find a support group via our CaringSG Alliance Network. We run inclusive events for personal knowledge, skills, respite, social activities and more.

2. CAREbuddy: CAREbuddy is a supportive service, for caregivers by trained caregivers, with dependents with special needs or disabilities.

3. CAREwell: Our multidisciplinary team of CAREwell professionals support caregivers in navigating the complex services to better access care and services via our CAREwell Keyworker Support Program.


How can I be a part of CaringSG?

1. Special needs caregivers can sign up for a free CaringSG membership at

We also welcome the public or professionals to join us as members if you wish to stay in touch with our work.

2. CaringSG members can volunteer with us at


More about CaringSG:

Our dedicated team consists of special needs caregivers and professional allies. We also have a Board of Directors and Advisors who are special needs caregivers and advocates, social service sector veterans and esteemed professionals to guide us.

Visit us:

Our Programmes

CaringSG's mission is to:
- Connect, enable, and empower fellow special needs caregivers through sharing of living experiences and evidence-based knowledge and practices
- Build an inclusive community for special needs families through synergistic partnerships with professional, community and public stakeholders
- Transform innovative caregiving solutions into impactful reality through outcome-focused research and constructive advocacy

To do this, we have embarked on our first project, Project 3i, which runs three programmes - CAREconnect, CAREbuddy and CAREwell.

1. CAREconnect
We link caregivers to emotional support, resources and connections via our CaringSG Alliance Network (CAN) and our inclusive events jointly organised by CaringSG's caregiver and professional volunteers.

- CAREconnect webinars*, forums and respite events build your caregiving knowledge, skills and personal resilience.
- CAREconnect family activities help you bond with your dependent and other special needs families.
- CAREconnect social and inclusive activities connect you with other caregivers and your neighbourhood.

2. CAREbuddy
For caregivers going through challenging times, our trained caregiver volunteers from the CAREbuddy program can provide them with individualised peer support for six months.

3. CAREwell
Our multidisciplinary team of CAREwell professional volunteers support caregivers in navigating the complex services to better access care for themselves and their loved ones.
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