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About Us

The Caregiving Welfare Association is a non-profit Voluntary Welfare Organisation depends mainly upon the community support and funding to fuel our efforts to provide timely assistance to the elderly and their caregivers.

We have expanded our scope and emphasis on direct eldercare services to help seniors aged better, while continuing to focus on supporting caregivers in an increasingly ageing population. We now channel more effort in helping elders to lead meaningful and quality lives through our services.

Your donation and support will help to fund the following core services, which include our new initiative - The 'MindAble Programme' for elderly facing mild dementia and those who are at risk.

Our Core Services:
1)Senior wellness and social support
2)Welfare support
3)Education and Awareness

Our Programmes

Three Core Services:
1)Senior wellness and social support
CWA aims to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the elderly.

2) Welfare Support
CWA provides welfare and social support services to assist the elderly and their caregivers in their caregiving process.

3) Education and Awareness
Growing old is not easy, especially in today's high-stress, fast-paced society. CWA runs education and awareness programmes to increase public awareness on healthy ageing, and equip the elderly with adequate knowledge on ageing gracefully.
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Caregiving Welfare Association

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