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ends 31 Mar 2018, 11:59 PM
Care Corner's Children Services ('CS') help children, particularly those from less advantaged backgrounds, grow intellectually, emotionally and socially so that they will have a promising start in their early developmental years.

We seek to build a positive child support system comprising social intervention and care programmes for children, with involvement from their family/guardians and academic-learning environment for a more holistic approach and better effectiveness. In this way, we assist and motivate them in their growth journey to better adapt, integrate and function socially within their families, peers and community.

Services available:
Educational Therapy Service (ETS)
- Help children with special learning needs so that they can improve their basic academic skills and cognitive functioning.

Care Corner Student Care Centres (SCC)
- Provide quality adult supervised before-and-after-school care services to children aged 7 to 14 especially children from low income or dysfunctional families.

Circle of Care - Child Services (CoC')
- Support pre-school children from low income and disadvantaged families who have additional need for learning, developmental or behavioural support by working closely with their parents, teachers and therapists.

About NPO

CARE CORNER SINGAPORE - We serve over 15,000 beneficiaries annually through social services island-wide. Our services cater to children, youth, families, seniors, and focused intervention, reaching out to the vulnerable, disadvantaged and isolated in the Singapore community. From December 2017 to April 2018, join us on Together We RISE campaign where we - RALLY corporates and individuals in meeting the needs of the disadvantaged within the community - INSPIRE our partners to care and show compassion - SHARE through generous giving - EMPOWER our beneficiaries by restoring dignity, self-esteem and a positive spirit Let our love be spoken loud through our actions - Snap, post, and write a thank you note of someone who have inspired you to be a better person on Instagram - Tag @carecornersg and three of your friends - Post #togetherwerisesg - Donate to support our cause Come on board with us on this campaign as we reach and serve our community!


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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