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About Us

Established since 1981, Care Corner Singapore is a non-profit organisation that has 33 service centres island-wide. For more than 39 years, the organisation has been serving the isolated and disadvantaged in Singapore through our extensive services, such as helping families in need, youths at-risk, special needs children, children from low-income families, seniors and counselling needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the socio-economic situation globally and in Singapore. It is common for many to feel isolated at home, deprived from dining out, or feeling anxious for their well-being. Our service users, who are the disadvantaged and marginalised group in our community, will face even greater challenges as the situation escalates to be more challenging.

It is our vision to provide Care to every corner in Singapore, to reach out to the vulnerable and needy in spite of all the constraints and uncertainties. Your generous donation will support families that are struggling to meet their daily needs, children with learning challenges, individuals with mental health challenges, and youths-at-risk especially during this difficult time. Everyone can do their part to extend a helping hand by donating generously to help the community we serve.

Our Programmes

We have various programmes under each service group

#Family and Community Services (FCS)
We have 5 Family Service Centres (FSC) and Project StART (which is a Family Violence Specialist Centre) that seek to bring about an integrated suite of social services and social work programmes in response to evolving community needs.

#Focused Intervention Services (FIS)
FIS has 3 programmes namely Counselling Centre, Centre for Co-Parenting, and Family Journey Program that serve to strengthen and empower families and individuals towards resiliency through supporting and enhancing their personal capacity, growth and potential as they navigate through life transitions and challenges.

#Youth Services (YS)
With various programmes and activities carried out over our 4 centres, we focus on developing and delivering the relevant intervention, enrichment and support programmes in our range of services, assisting and spurring youth and pre-teens in their growth journey to better learn, adapt and integrate socially in schools, relationships, family and society.

#Children Services (CS)
Educational Therapy Service, Circle of Care - Child Services, and Student Care Centres are 3 programmes under CS that focuses on helping children, particularly those from less advantaged backgrounds, grow intellectually, emotionally and socially to so that they will have a promising start in their early developmental years.
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