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About Us

At CampusImpact, we seek to touch the lives of youths and impact them positively by empowering youths and equipping parents through various services such as our Learning Curve Education Programme, Study Buddy, Parents Advisory Hotline, Counseling, and Family Bonding Activities.

All of these services can impact and change the lives of families, gradually helping the the next generation of young people to develop positive attitudes, purposeful lives and pioneering spirits to become pillars of our society.

Our Programmes

Services for Families:
Providing parents and youths with a safe space to strengthen their relationship.
Family-bonding Activities to provide families with the opportunities to build their relationship.

Services for Students:
Learning Curve Education Programme which provides small group tuition for academic and character development
Study Buddy Programme providing homework supervision and character building for latch-key kids
Evolve Programme providing character building sessions and support for at-risk youths
Character building outdoor activities
Interest-based Youth Groups for young people to develop their interest
Service-learning Projects to train youths with skills to plan and execute projects

Services for Parents:
Parents Advisory Hotline 6555 7667(In English and Mandarin) to help parents resolve tensions with their youths and deal with youth issues
Parenting Talks And Workshop to equip parents with effective parenting skills and knowledge
Public Education through the media

Our Wish List


We need food to provide tea-time snacks for our hungry Study Buddies. Bring a smile to a child today as they enjoy the nutritious and tasty drinks and snacks together, and learn to care for one another as they share a simple meal together.

Art & Craft

Our young people are creative souls who love expressing themselves through art. Your donation of art supplies will help them develop their artistic talents and also be used during art therapy sessions for the students.

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