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by Zee B.

for Cat Welfare Society


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In lieu of presents for my birthday this year, I would prefer donations to a charity of my choice and for a cause close to my heart, animal welfare and cats.

Most of my furbabies have been adopted via Cat Welfare Society and its network of rescuers, fosterers.

For the companionship, love and joy my cats have given me, I hope to pay it forward by setting up this donation page for CWS.

About NPO

Cat Welfare Society is a charity that advocates the harmonious co-existence of humans and cats. We are at the forefront of humane management of the community cat population and educating the importance of responsible cat ownership.

For years, we have campaigned against the destruction of cats by offering a more effective and long term solution - education and sterilisation. As a charity, we function as a network of dedicated volunteers that work towards the same goal - saving lives everyday.

We are run by volunteers and much of our achievements are the work of our network of selfless caregivers undertake rescue, foster and re-homing programmes to save cats.

We are not funded by the government. We are a registered charity with IPC status that is audited annually and we publish our financial reports on our website.

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