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ends 30 Sep 2020, 11:59 PM

Treatments tend to be expensive and impose tremendous financial burden on both patients and their families. The financial impact on patients can be devastating especially if they do not have adequate health insurance, savings or other financial resources. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation Singapore has given financial support to a significant portion of the patients with blood cancers however, there are many more people who are burdened by the financial costs of treatment and are looking for a way out. We feel immense sympathy towards these people and empathise with their fear and hopelessness. Furthermore, one of the primary objectives of the LLF is to provide support to families of leukemia and lymphoma patients. We strongly believe that relief should be provided for the families of these patients during their times of grief and pain as this is a group that is often overlooked. Hence we decided to choose the LLF as it gives us a way to provide relief for patients of all ages who are stricken with the disease whether through financial means or otherwise, as well as the people around them. Not everyone is put in a position to help others in the way that we are able to due to the opportunities given. We cherish the opportunity to be able to serve the community and give back, no matter how small the benefit may be to the beneficiaries.

About The Charity

Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation LLF was set up as an Institution of Public Character in 2003. We have been providing financial assistance to more than 400 patients with leukemia, lymphoma or related blood diseases. Each year, LLF disburses almost S$1.0 million to needy patients who undergo expensive curative treatment at the government hospitals, in consultation with the hospital specialist teams. Besides financial assistance, the Foundation also provides counselling support to patients and their families.
The Foundation is committed to ensure that all funds donated by the public are used in the most effective manner. Our Board is responsible for corporate governance and guides and monitors the Foundation operations. So please be assured that your donations will be well spent to support the curative treatment to needy patients. Your altruistic benevolence and donations will help patients get treated and start afresh in life.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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