Our Campaign Story

ends 16 Jun 2016, 11:59 PM

Hello there! We are a group of youths who have been volunteering with the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) since last November. Having interacted with the clients from APSN Centre For Adults, we have been inspired by their resilience. Despite facing a set of challenges in their lives, they persevere.

Along the way, we found out that APSN's van would be scrapped in April. We learnt that the van was an integral part of transporting clients to internships, and merchandise to fundraising locations. As such, we want to reach out to the public for help, and this is how #WheelsforAPSN was born.

With your help, we can raise $46,000 to get a brand new van for APSN and its beneficiaries.

Every dollar counts. Every person reached matters. When you share #WheelsforAPSN with your friends and families, you bring all of us closer to hitting our target goal.

You can support this campaign by changing your Facebook profile picture to the campaign poster and leaving the crowdfunding link as your caption.

We thank you for your donation!

If you would also like to contribute to this cause directly, you can join Project Inky (P.Inky), an ongoing initiative where we partner APSN's beneficiaries to explore story and poetry. You can find out more at http://projectinky.com

Credits: Qi Min (video), Wan Lin (campaign posters)

About The Charity

Established in 1976, Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is a social service organisation providing special education for persons with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). Today, APSN operates four Special Education (SPED) Schools for students aged 7 to 21, an APSN Special Student Care Centre for children aged 7 to 18 and an APSN Centre for Adults for persons aged 17 and older, benefiting over 1,200 beneficiaries each year.

The APSN Schools and Centre adopt a holistic approach in its curriculum, comprising academic, vocational and social skills which are important for open employment and lifelong learning. APSN seeks to enable persons with special needs to be active contributors of the society and is committed to inspire and build capabilities of its partners and community to lead and advocate an inclusive society.

To date, APSN's growing database has more than 5,000 alumni members. The Association is constantly expanding its network to reach out to and understand the needs of its members to better support them.

For more information on APSN, please visit www.apsn.org.sg.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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