Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Nov 2021, 11:59 PM

Guys! Can you believe I'm running??! More like walking la ('I do what he does, just slower.' #geddit). But I will try ok! Support me please. :)

Also, for those who don't already know, this is a glimpse of what I do at work. Together with my social service 'friends from work', 'we can do this all day' because we believe that every individual deserves to live life to the full.

But not everyone who 'all they ever wanted was a normal life' gets the same opportunities, and this could be for all kinds of reasons.

Come join me in doing our little bit to empower families facing complex issues, disadvantaged children and at-risk youth, chronically ill residents and seniors feeling isolated. You may read more at mws.sg/empowerun! :)

Can I complete 20km? 'That's not a question I need answered.' Good thing it's over 2 weeks!

P.S. To friends who got all references, 'I'm with you till the end of the line!'

About Campaign

MWS Empowerun is organised to commemorate MWS' 40th Anniversary of empowering the lives of disadvantaged and distressed.

This virtual run aims to galvanise 1,000 participants to complete 20km or 40km between 23 October and 7 November 2021. You are also encouraged to rally your social networks to support your efforts by donating to your fundraising campaigns!

Find out more details or Sign up: mws.sg/empowerun

More on MWS' impact: mws.sg/mws40th

We hope each runner will help us raise $500 so that collectively we can reach our $600,000 fundraising goal!

This is also an opportunity for those who are celebrating their 40th birthday to mark the milestone by running for a meaningful cause.

About The Charity

Founded 40 years ago in 1981 and registered as an Institution of a Public Character, Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) is a multi-service organisation that manages 20 centres and outreach programmes across Singapore.

We serve people in need regardless of their race and religion. Our critical services support low-income and/or distressed families, children from low-income families, at-risk youths, the destitute, sick and/or frail elderly, and the socially isolated.

We enable all to have life to the full by reducing poverty, alleviating the strains and stresses of modern life, helping the elderly to age in place and live with dignity, nurturing the potential of disadvantaged children and rehabilitating at-risk youths.

Children & Youth