Our Campaign Story

ends 25 Nov 2020, 11:59 PM

Take a moment to reflect on a few things. Where are you now? Are you comfortable? Have you had a tasty lunch? Do you have a computer or smartphone in front of you? Are you in good health? Most of us hopefully would have answered 'yes' to each of these questions. By and large, we do lead lives that have allowed us to ride the wave of the Covid-19 pandemic relatively well.

However, we are in a privileged group. Not everyone (not even a large percentage of people) has been able to do the same. Gratitude is important, and we can show it by giving something back from the blessings which life has offered us.

The Weekly Gratitude Challenge is an online fundraiser with a viral marketing mechanism for its spread. Each person who takes part has to think of and explain 3 things they're grateful for this week, and that they recognize that there are those less fortunate who are unable to experience the same things, and in the spirit of that, pledge to donate $25 (or more) to Mercy Relief and tag 5 friends to do the same.

The reason for choosing $25 as the sum is that Mercy Relief is active with humanitarian operations in 25 countries. The sum has a dollar to represent each country and it is both a symbolic hope that the good work will continue and an active pledge to contribute towards that.

This fundraiser is being conducted by the organiser on behalf of the student-led charitable initiative, Regional Relief. https://www.regionalrelief.org/

About The Charity

Headquartered in Singapore, Mercy Relief was established in 2003 to respond to human tragedies and disasters in Asia Pacific. We provide emergency aid within 72 hours of an appeal in the aftermath of a disaster and implement longer-term sustainable development projects which aim is to uplift and empower communities in five key areas: water and sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and education.

For the past 16 years, Mercy Relief has responded to 79 human tragedies with more than $36.1 million in relief across 25 countries. We have implemented more than 59 sustainable development initiatives and impacted an aggregate of over 2.1 million lives. Today, we are a leading independent disaster relief agency in the region with dedicated leadership, capacity building expertise and an affiliate network operating across the entire disaster management cycle.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.