Our Campaign Story

ends 01 Sep 2020, 11:59 PM

In the fight against COVID-19, some groups remain disadvantaged due to their inability to meet basic needs, like food. This leads to such groups have inherently worse health outcomes, which are only exacerbated during the circuit breaker.

Understanding these challenges and wanting to play our part in the COVID-19 pandemic, we are launching Walk For Health to empower our communities through health information, and open communication channels. Our initiative aims to keep in mind the health of not just marginalized groups, but that of our community too. More simply put, we invite members of our neighborhoods to log either the kilometers they were able to run, walk or bike in a week, or the minutes of exercise they were able to do.

We are inviting interested parties to join our Strava club (www.strava.com/clubs/walkforhealth), to either log their exercise and keep others motivated or participate in our optional weekly challenges! Participants can then use this simple conversion to make their donations:

For every 1 KM walked/jogged/biked = $1
For every 15 minutes of exercise = $1

Our hope is that as you are putting your personal health first, you are also thinking of those who are unable to do so!

About The Charity

The Food Bank Singapore acquires donated food from farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, consumers, and other sources, and makes it available to those in need through a network of member beneficiaries.

The Food Bank Singapore was set up by Nichol and Nicholas Ng, a pair of siblings running a food distribution business, FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd. After observing the food industry for more than a decade, they realised the need for a food bank in Singapore. Founded in 2012, we were given charity status in 2012 and IPC status in 2015.

Our mission is TO END FOOD INSECURITY IN ALL FORMS in Singapore.

We now have a total of 360 member beneficiaries that includes:
Family Service Centres (FSCs)
Senior Activity Centres (SACs)
Various types of homes (Nursing Homes, Children's Homes, Halfway houses)
Soup kitchens
Other voluntary welfare organizations (VWOs) and registered charities


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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