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ends 16 Feb 2018, 11:59 PM

Hey guys!

As my quarter life coming, I thought I should not indulge myself with cakes and gifts but to celebrate this milestone by sharing the love. I would be forever grateful if you can support me on this campaign.

Instead of birthday cakes (even if you are not planning to get me one :p), I want to share the joy by supporting Aidha, an organisation with mission is to provide financial literacy and self-development skills to foreign domestic workers and lower income women so that they can create sustainable futures for themselves.

I've been volunteering with them for more than 6 months now, teaching a computer workshop every fornightly. And I probably learnt more than what I have taught to them. When I am busy complaining about my laggy laptop, someone there is struggling to buy one. When I am busy complaining about my life, someone there teach me how simple a joy in life can be. I think if we can take time in our life, just to see how much things we take for granted, only then we can be grateful.

I am a big believer that social changes should start from within (i.e. education), no matter how small and I personally witnessed how all the women there working so hard to reach their dream - I wanted to contribute a little more.

If each of us can just do a little bit more for someone else, isn't life will be much better?

About The Charity

Financial education is key to a secure future. At Aidha, we are passionate about changing the lives of foreign domestic workers and other low-income women. Aidha' s unique holistic curriculum includes computer and confidence building classes in addition to financial education and equips students with the skills and confidence to achieve economic security.

Aidha is an award-winning charity with Institution of Public Charter status, we have worked with more than 5,000 women since our inception in 2006 and we have about 450 students enrolled in our programmes at any given time


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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