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by Jack Sim

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Can you imagine living daily without access to a clean and safe toilet? Well 2.4 billion people still don't! In fact nearly 1 billion of them still defecate in the open and because of this over 526,000 children die annually due to diarrhea and related diseases. That's 1 child death every minute! Join me to help stop this unnecessary crisis from continuing.

You can sign up for the Urgent Run here: or if you prefer you can donate here and support my Urgent Run.

About NPO

Founded on 19 November 2001, World Toilet Organization (WTO) is a global non-profit committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. WTO empowers individuals through education, training and building local marketplace opportunities to advocate for clean and safe sanitation facilities in their communities. WTO celebrated its 16th UN World Toilet Day on 19th November 2016.


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