Running for HCA Hospice Care - 101 km @ Craze Ultra

by Serene Wong



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I am a HCA hospice care palliative nurse. I am called to serve children and adults who see their lives shortened by a life limiting illness.

Last year, I completed 50km at The North Face event in support of HCA Hospice Care. And I told myself I may not do it again. Surprised, even for myself, this year, I will take on 101 km at Craze Ultra 2016 on 3-4 Sep 2016!

To run a 100km race in my life has been one of my dreams. But I never dared venture into it. As I always like to say, life is short, live your dreams. So what better way to fulfill a dream and at the same time raise funds for HCA Hospice Care. Many of our patients also have dreams..

I had a patient, Teo Pei Shan 17th years old, whose dream was to celebrate her 18th birthday and also to travel to Korea to play piano with Beautiful Music Academy. She did not manage to realize her dreams as she passed away peacefully a few days before her 18th birthday (real name with parental consent)

I also have elder patients telling me that their last wish is to die peacefully at home, without pain and suffering. With your support, HCA Hospice care is here to help our patients realize their dreams and last wishes to spend quality days at the comfort of their homes.

With your contribution and commitment to helping us, we are confident of achieving our goal to adding life to the days of patients with life-limiting illnesses.

Thank you for your kind donation and support! Blessings.

About NPO

We understand the medical and psychological needs of patients, caregivers and their families. By managing our patients pain and other symptoms with specialised care and support, we enable them to spend their last days at home, in comfort and dignity, with their families and loved ones.

Additionally, we care for the caregivers by providing them with psychosocial support, practical training, and advice at all hours with our 24/7 hotline.

As our home hospice service for adults is provided free-of-charge to all patients under our care, we rely on donations to support what we believe is a basic right: to die with dignity.

With your contribution and commitment to helping us, we are confident of achieving our goal to adding life to the days of patients with life-limiting illnesses.

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