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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM

The MINDSET Challenge & Carnival (TMCC) is an annual fundraiser organised by MINDSET Care Limited for its mental health beneficiaries. TMCC comprises a 33-floor vertical race up the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 and a carnival at The Lawn @ Marina Bay. The race symbolises the uphill battle against stigma and the challenges that mental health persons-in-recovery undergo in their every day lives while attempting to reintegrate back into society. This year, through TMCC 2021, we hope to raise S$365,000 for DigitalMINDSET.

DigitalMINDSET is a 9-month intervention programme launched in August 2019 in collaboration with TOUCH Community Services. The programme seeks to help youths, aged 12 to 21, regulate their emotions resulting from excessive cyber gaming and the use of technological devices while managing their addictive behaviours. It undertakes a holistic approach comprising not only one-to-one and family casework sessions but also group therapy sessions.

17-year-old Adam (not the client's real name) faced emotion regulation issues and a strained relationship with his family when his family dog suddenly passed on in 2016. He started seeking solace in excessive gaming leading to decreased attendance in school and social isolation. Through DigitalMINDSET, Adam underwent therapy where he was taught various coping techniques. With that, his condition improved significantly and is now able to regulate his emotions and share a better relationship with his family.

About The Charity

Since 1992, TOUCH Community Services has served people of all ages, races and religions to see sustainable change and transformation in their lives. It believes in the worth and potential of every child, youth-at-risk, family in need, senior and person with special or healthcare needs to grow, participate and contribute in the community. The heartbeart of TOUCH is to activate potential, build independence, connect people into their lives for mutual support, and deliver impact by developing sustainable solutions in society. For more information on TOUCH, please visit www.touch.org.sg.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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