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ends 17 Nov 2017, 11:59 PM

Theatre which is derived from the Ancient Greek word, theatron means a place for viewing. It combines different forms of fine arts that uses live performers to
demonstrate an event. Watching theatre allows a child to put him or herself in the shoes of the characters. Hence, experiencing and understanding their emotions and actions. This encourages learning empathy and enhances literacy and communication skills, in a safe and fun setting. Meanwhile, music is known to provide positive effects on one's mood. Therefore, the combination of music and theatre creates unique and exciting approach to boost children's knowledge and creativity.

Musical and theatre is an event specially organised to educate 25 lower primary children through fine arts. The event comes with pre and post activities which allow them to make new friends by discussing on the expectations and takeaways of the play. Therefore, enhancing their self-awareness and decision making skills by learning from the emotions and actions presented by the characters.

All funds raised will be used to fund the costs of activity materials, food and transportation for the children attending the event. We look forward to the support of the community in educating the future generation and widening their ambitions through a unique approach.

About The Charity

Yayasan MENDAKI (Council for the Development of Singapore Malay/Muslim Community) is a pioneer Self-Help Group formed in 1982 dedicated to empower the community through excellence in education, in the context of a multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore. In 2002, MENDAKI streamlined its focus along four key areas of Education, Youth, Family and Employability.

MENDAKI helps to administer the Education Trust Fund, which is a community-driven fund that supports the education needs of children from disadvantaged Malay/Muslim families to ensure that every child gets the resources to succeed in school.

ETF subsidies spanned from Primary 1 to Secondary 5 students to tertiary students. To further support students in their educational pursuit, students who received ETF subsidies are offered academic support in a form of free tuition under the MENDAKI Tuition Scheme (MTS) or the Collaborative Tuition Programme (CTP). In 2017, ETF provides additional assistance to Malay Muslim students enrolled in Big Hearts Student Care Centre to defray the cost of monthly fee and programme fees. In 2019, more corporate donors, like Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Foundation, SM Jaleel Foundation, Global Radiance Group and Mr Siddiqui, came on board to provide bursaries and scholarships.

With your help, we hope to raise $2 million yearly for this cause.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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