Our Campaign Story

ends 31 Mar 2016, 11:59 PM

We are a group of friends that will dare to dress up as Rosie the riveter and go out on Singapore streets to raise awareness and remember our community that WE CAN DO IT!
Rosie the riveter is an icon that represents women working on factories and shipyards during WWII. As women started taking over jobs previously done by men, strength and economic power ceased to be categories only forgranted for men. This movement challenged the status quo and set the tone for contemporary woman's movements.
Rosie symbolises women's union, women's empowerment and women's equality.
Help us encourage more women to achieve economic independence by sponsoring our campaign.
BECAUSE WE CAN DO IT you will find us dressed up as our hero this Friday 26 @ Los Primos : come and hang out with The Rosies, have a special price on F&B, take a picture with us or simply become a donor clicking on the amounts bellow.

About Campaign

The #Dare2Dress 2016 campaign is a fund-raiser to help unemployed women find confidence and work that will build a future for themselves and their families. Join in the challenge by dressing up as your hero/heroine at work, school, or play and ask your supporters to donate to our cause. Your participation and donation will go to Image Mission Ltd to run the Dress for Success Singapore programme.

Participate as an individual or team by registering as a fundraiser for this campaign. Write your story of which hero you will dress as, on any day between 7 and 11 March 2016, where your supporters can spot you in your hero's dress, and ask them to support you by donating under your campaign.

About The Charity

Image Mission Ltd is the first charity of its kind in Singapore to promote the economic independence of the disadvantaged by providing free job interview coaching and professional attire.

We are an independent registered charity, with IPC status since 2017. We manage Dress for Success Singapore as an affiliate of international non profit organisation Dress for Success Worldwide.

In Singapore, some 10,000 women from disadvantaged backgrounds are unemployed. Many come from low income households. Most have young children with no financial support. Some are victims of domestic violence, have mental health challenges or a disability.

With a job, they have the means to work towards financial independence and break out of the poverty cycle. Your donation will go towards running the Dress for Success Singapore programme to empower these women build a brighter future for themselves and their families!

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