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ends 31 Mar 2016, 11:59 PM

Love her or hate her.. There's no greater queen of transformation than the amazing Madonna!

As some of you know, I've been volunteering for Dress for Success / Image Mission Singapore for a while now. Our goal is to help transform disadvantaged women in Singapore- we give them the tools to get back into the workforce by way of clothing for interviews, interview coaching, career coaching, personal grooming.. and lots of other guidance and support along the way, with the ultimate goal of helping them to attain financial independence to support themselves and their families. We can't do this without funds.. So..

On Sunday 28 February, I'll be joining the crowds to see Madonna perform in Singapore for the first time ever.

My Dare2Dress: I'll be going along dressed as Madonna circa 1984.. think the Like a Virgin era, meeting the Material Girl.The more you donate, the crazier I'll get.

Please, please, please get behind me and my ridiculous get up and make a donation to help some of the disadvantaged women of Singapore get back on their feet.

About Campaign

The #Dare2Dress 2016 campaign is a fund-raiser to help unemployed women find confidence and work that will build a future for themselves and their families. Join in the challenge by dressing up as your hero/heroine at work, school, or play and ask your supporters to donate to our cause. Your participation and donation will go to Image Mission Ltd to run the Dress for Success Singapore programme.

Participate as an individual or team by registering as a fundraiser for this campaign. Write your story of which hero you will dress as, on any day between 7 and 11 March 2016, where your supporters can spot you in your hero's dress, and ask them to support you by donating under your campaign.

About The Charity

Image Mission Ltd is the first charity of its kind in Singapore, to promote economic independence for the disadvantaged by providing free image coaching and professional attire for job interviews and work. We are the official licensee of Dress for Success Singapore, that supports disadvantaged women looking for employment. Our compelling reasons to work with women are: An estimated 188,000 Singapore women may be living in poverty (in households with $2000 per month); 29,400 Singapore women are unemployed; Of these, 8,820 may be living in poverty the bottom 30%).

We are an independent registered charity and are self-funding and run by volunteers. Clients are referred by VWOs, charities and non-profit organisations. All our services and clothing are provided free-of-charge to the women-in-need. Your donations will go towards running this program. Help us to help disadvantaged women in Singapore build a future for themselves and their families.

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