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ends 24 Nov 2016, 11:59 PM

Hello, I am Matt-Q, an award winning Singaporean Singer, Songwriter.

We present to you the BU DAO WENG Film Project. Using the Roly Poly toy as our main source of inspiration, this is a coming-of-age love story that is based on TRUE LIFE ACCOUNTS of my life story.

I was born with severe learning difficulties due to birth complications my mom went through prior to giving birth to me. As such, I developed severe learning difficulties and suffered much abuse, discrimination and rejection throughout my schooling, NS and even my working years as well.

The HUMAN factor of RELATIONSHIPS makes all the difference, and that is why we are requesting for your kind assistance and sponsorship- to make this film Bu-Dao Weng a reality. We want to show examples of lives who have been transformed through the loving support and understanding of individuals who make a definite and positive difference in our lives for good.

Some of our intended beneficiaries are those in Rainbow Centre, Pathlight School and Purple Parade

We require a minimum of $70,000 USD to get this off the ground, and are aiming to work on this together with you.

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Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) is a voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to reaching out to the community in order to touch and transform the lives of those around us. Our programmes and services reaches out to children, youths, families and seniors regardless of race and religion.We provide services for children, with a focus on those with special needs, in partnership with families and the community and try to improve the quality of their lives. At the same time, we also reach out to the frail and vulnerable elderly to provide accessible, affordable and high quality care regardless of race, religion or creed.We also have initiated an Emergency Relief Scheme (ERS) which provides short-term relief to individuals and families in need of temporary financial.

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