Tangle with Heart

by Shannen Fong

for The Red Pencil (Singapore)


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I met 5-year old Mary (not her real name) while volunteering at a home. She wasn’t born mute but she didn’t speak. Her small body showed bruises and cigarette burn marks inflicted by abusive parents. Even as her wounds healed, Mary remained withdrawn, timid and succumbs to frequent emotional melt-downs.  
Thankfully, art therapy helped Mary emerge from her cocoon.  Slowly but surely, she’s allowing the world to reach out to her and vice versa. There are many more such children in trauma in Singapore who need our help with effective intervention. 
That’s what ‘Tangle with Heart’ sets out to do with a series of corporate and public Zentangle workshops to raise funds for The Red Pencil which supports children in trauma via art therapy.  
Zentangle focuses on repeat patterning to aid relaxation, enhance mindfulness and concentration. Come Zentangle with us and support children in trauma! Book your tickets at ptix.co/1l5tfQY. For corporate bookings, please contact [email protected]

About NPO

The Red Pencil is a humanitarian organisation which brings the benefits of Art to children, adults, families and the elderly as a way to express joy, balance and wellbeing. We place special focus on Art therapy for those experiencing overwhelming life circumstances for which there are no words.

Art Therapy uses the creative power of art, music and dance to improve and enhance one's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and it reaps many emotional benefits: happiness, relaxation, creativity, wellbeing, fun, hope, self-compassion, confidence and self-esteem.

The Red Pencil goals are to:
1) Partner with hospitals, family centres, homes, shelters and schools to tend to the emotional needs of children, adults and their families;
2) Intervene in sustainable humanitarian missions for children, adults and families caught in natural disasters and conflict zones; and
3) Promote Art Therapy as a profession through scholarships and research.

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