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ends 31 Jan 2016, 11:59 PM

I met 5-year old Mary (not her real name) while volunteering at a home. She wasn’t born mute but she didn’t speak. Her small body showed bruises and cigarette burn marks inflicted by abusive parents. Even as her wounds healed, Mary remained withdrawn, timid and succumbs to frequent emotional melt-downs.  
Thankfully, art therapy helped Mary emerge from her cocoon.  Slowly but surely, she’s allowing the world to reach out to her and vice versa. There are many more such children in trauma in Singapore who need our help with effective intervention. 
That’s what ‘Tangle with Heart’ sets out to do with a series of corporate and public Zentangle workshops to raise funds for The Red Pencil which supports children in trauma via art therapy.  
Zentangle focuses on repeat patterning to aid relaxation, enhance mindfulness and concentration. Come Zentangle with us and support children in trauma! Book your tickets at ptix.co/1l5tfQY. For corporate bookings, please contact [email protected] 

About The Charity

The Red Pencil (Singapore) is an Institution of Public Character and a registered charity founded in Singapore with a mission to bring the benefits of arts therapy (drawing, music, movement and dance) to children, adults and low-income families who have been through overwhelming and traumatic life circumstances such life-threatening illness, violence and abuse, for which they may have no words.

We partner with hospitals, family centres, foster and elderly homes and shelters, schools and prisons, and all health-related institutions to help them incorporate arts therapy as part of their existing psycho-social programmes.

The creative process of arts therapy allows our service users to express the unspeakable, to experience release and relief, to find new resources, gain self-confidence and feel empowered to move on towards a more hopeful and happier life. At The Red Pencil (Singapore), we are dedicated to the resilience and long-term recovery of the most vulnerable from all walks of life, to allow them to grow and become healthy and happy human beings for the world of tomorrow.

Through arts therapy, The Red Pencil (Singapore) helps break the vicious cycles of helplessness and violence, reduces stress and trauma and offers a way of expression towards balance, self-empowerment and resilience. Anyone, anywhere, at any stage in their life, can benefit from arts therapy.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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