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ends 31 Aug 2020, 11:59 PM

It is for certain that COVID-19 has affected our mental and physical health in unimaginable ways. However, it has hit the most vulnerable in our communities the hardest, especially the migrant worker population.

So as a certified yoga teacher I'm going to teach classes to not only provide some much-needed self-care but also to raise funds to support the migrant workers of Singapore.

For every class I teach, I will donate $1 for each student. Although the class would be free and open to all, I would love it if you could donate how much you are willing and able to for each class you attend! Even if it isn't a lot, every dollar counts!

About The Charity

HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics) is a charitable organisation with Institution of Public Character status. Since 2004, we have been dedicated to improving the welfare and upholding the rights of migrant workers in Singapore.

Migrant workers play a vital role in contributing to Singapore. They take on low-waged jobs as domestic workers or in the construction, marine, manufacturing, service and conservancy sectors. Their work is often dangerous and precarious.

We assist migrant workers who suffer abuse and exploitation. Unpaid salaries, excessive working hours, work injuries, physical and psychological abuse are some of the common problems these workers face. Some of them may also be victims of human trafficking.

We run a shelter for domestic workers, helpdesks for domestic workers and male migrant workers. We also offer legal assistance, health education and vocational training to the workers. In 2016, over 2,000 migrant workers received assistance from us. And about 2,000 domestic workers have sat through our skills training courses.

HOME works with government agencies, civic groups, corporations and other community partners to realise our vision in creating an inclusive society that stands for justice, fairness and equality.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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