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ends 28 Jul 2017, 11:59 PM

I personally know 2 close family members who were afflicted by cancer.

My aunt died of colorectal cancer at a relatively young age, leaving behind 3 boys and her husband. At the time of her death, the youngest son was still in primary school while the other two were teenagers. My uncle travelled frequently for his work, and in the absence of the parents, the eldest son took upon himself to be the disciplinarian of the other 2 boys. The 3 boys grew up to be well balanced adults but cancer had put the family through lots of pain and trauma.

My wife's mother passed away from colon cancer. The cancer was not picked up early and she passed away in her fifties, when my wife was 18 years old. My wife spoke about her helplessness in seeing her mother suffer in pain as her health deteriorated.

Cancer continues to be the #1 killer in Singapore and around the world. None of us knows for sure if or when we may get it. We do know that when it strikes, it leaves behind stories of pain and suffering.

We should aspire towards better cancer prevention and treatment. The Singapore Cancer Society works towards that goal. I will be running 10km on 30 July to raise funds for the Singapore Cancer Society's mission and initiatives. Please contribute generously.

About Campaign

Featured here in this campaign are the CEOs participating in Singtel - Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 2017. They believe that everyone can make a difference and help to raise funds for our needy community,

To learn more about the CEO you are supporting, click on their fundraising profile page to read their stories, and be inspired. Each of them have a unique story about why they run, and who they run for.

About The Charity

The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) was established in 1964 by individuals from the Rotary Club of Singapore West, the Lions Club and Jaycees, and was inaugurated by the then Minster of Health, Mr Yong Nyuk Lin.

Registered as a society in 1984 and accorded IPC (Institution of a Public Character) status as a charity in 1995 by the Ministry of Health, the Society is also a member of the National Council of Social Service and the Singapore Hospice Council. SCS celebrated 50 years of service in 2014. Being self-funded, the Society is heavily dependent on public donations to provide quality services to cancer patients, their families, and members of the public.

To be the leading charitable cancer organisation in Singapore and the region, with a reputation for effective programmes for the prevention and control of cancer.

Singapore Cancer Society is a community-based voluntary welfare organisation dedicated to maximising life by minimising the impact of cancer through research and advocacy, public education, screening, financial assistance, patient services and support, and rehabilitation.

To be the first port of call for the entire cancer journey for all cancer patients in Singapore, especially those who are financially disadvantaged.