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ends 31 Dec 2021, 11:59 PM

As I turn 40 this year, I reflect on all the privileges that I have been born with or have been given in my life. With these privileges, I have worked to channel my gifts into my professional and community work, as well as my relationships. For my birthday this year, I am targeting to raise S$40,000 for AWARE. I am asking not for meals, treats and material gifts; but if I have impacted you positively in any way in the past - or if you have benefited from someone sharing their privileges with you - please consider donating to this fundraiser out of goodwill and nothing else. To support the $40K goal, I will also be doing a 40km swim fundraiser with a group of friends later in the year (with a separate campaign).

Those who know me know that I am a vocal advocate for equal opportunity for girls and boys, women and men. I believe that a society is only as strong as the weakest link, and for us to progress collectively, we need to support every segment of society. AWARE is the leading gender advocacy group in Singapore and has done alot of work in this area. The pandemic has highlighted some excruciating needs such as the rise in domestic and sexual violence, the need for better infrastructure and education, and broader lack of awareness. AWARE needs more resources to address these.

For your daughters and sons, for your friends and family, please consider donating to this very worthy cause to support AWARE's work in fighting sexual violence in Singapore.

About Campaign

We all know someone who has experienced sexual violence-or else we are that someone. Every week, new incidents of sexual assault, workplace harassment or voyeurism are reported. It's sad, disturbing, frustrating.

This year, AWARE is redoubling our efforts to tackle sexual violence. We address the issue on many fronts - both attending to assault's aftermath, and proactively nipping it in the bud - because that's what it will take to effectively end it. We know this from a decade of running Singapore's only dedicated Sexual Assault Care Centre (SACC).

Help us to:

- Ensure that SACC meets rising demand for its services. We receive some institutional funding, but it's not enough for us to keep up with the many survivors coming forward to receive trauma-informed support

- Empower members of the public to sensitively educate their children and support each other. We aim to expand our Birds & Bees parents' sex education programme and Sexual Assault First Responder Training

- Conduct important research into under-examined areas like tech-facilitated abuse

Let's focus on real change, and get closer to ending violence for good. All donations will be matched 1:1 by the Tote Board and government.

The above impact statements are for illustrative purposes only. All donations received will be used to support AWARE's programmes and services under the HITD fund.

About The Charity

The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) is Singapore's leading gender equality advocacy organization. AWARE supports and empowers women on an individual basis and seeks to remove all gender-based barriers that prevent individuals in Singapore from developing their potential to the fullest and realizing their personal visions and hopes. It does this in three ways, namely, research and advocacy, education, and providing social services.

In 2016, AWARE won the Charity Governance Award 2016 for the Medium Charities/IPCs category.

The Charity Governance Awards, (CGA), organised by the Charity Council, aim to promote good governance in the charity sector by acknowledging the excelling work of charities, while inspiring others to emulate their best practices.

AWARE qualified as a candidate for the CGA by becoming a winner of the Charity Transparency Awards (CTA). The CTA recognises charities with good disclosure practices.

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