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ends 31 Mar 2016, 11:59 PM
Share A Meal celebrates the joy of giving to others in need - you could do this simply by donating a sum equivalent to what you would spend for a meal. A small contribution equivalent to your meal for the day can help a child buy a meal in school. Every cent matters!

Share-A-Meal is the annual nation-wide fund raiser of Compassion Fund Ltd (www.compassionfund.sg), a charity set up to help students whose families are in crisis as a result of a recent death, a sudden illness or accident in the family.
Your support can make a positive impact on the opportunities available for low-income families to access higher education and seek medical treatment.

About the Charity

Since 2009, Compassion Fund Ltd has been providing immediate financial help to students from
low-income families facing the crisis of a recent death, an illness or accident of a family member,
resulting in loss of income. Our clients are usually referred to us through schools, hospitals and
community partners such as Family Service Centers. Timely assistance PREVENTS these
families from spiralling into poverty or developing other chronic family problems that may
negatively impact a child's schooling. Our outreach encompasses all racial and religious
communities within Singapore.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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