Our Campaign Story

ends 30 Sep 2019, 11:59 PM

Hello everybody! I am Klaus!

Having recently graduated from SIT, I pondered on the next step of my life. The conclusion of which was to give back to the society of Singapore.

It is no secret that art grants numerous benefits in life. It helps ailing children gain some control over their helplessness. It reduces pain in cancer patients. It helps Alzheimer's patients develop a new language of communication and combat memory loss.

After edifying myself with the work that The Red Pencil does, it inspired me to help raise funds for The Red Pencil so more people may benefit from art. Once this campaign concludes, I will be sending you a charcoal-sketched art of Singapore landmarks/cities as a token of gratitude.

The photos of the charcoal-sketched art are what you will be receiving for your help in donating, with a personal thank you note attached.

Please fill this google form up after donating so I may deliver the sketches.

The truth of the matter is that art is a vehicle to communicate emotions that may otherwise be difficult to articulate, and anybody can benefit from art therapy. If it was within our power to help others, no matter the scale of our contribution, shouldn't we?

*Disclaimer: All funds raised will be contributed directly to The Red Pencil (Singapore)'s programmes (Singapore only).

About The Charity

When we rescue the child, we save the adult.

In most cases of traumatic situations, it is too painful to use words.

The Red Pencil is a humanitarian organisation advocating the use of arts therapy (drawings, music and movement/dance) in its quest to help children and families who are caught in overwhelming life circumstances such as grief, loss, displacement, violence and uncertainty.

With the guidance of registered arts therapists, children and adults are able to express themselves in a different and meaningful way on what they have been through, on their emotions and on their expectations for the future. This helps them resolve issues, cope with their difficult situations, heal their psychological wounds, re-build their self-esteem and slowly grow into confident human beings again.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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